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Passenger Terminal Amsterdam expands business by adding river cruise under the new name Cruise Port Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam transfers the handling of river cruise to Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, which
will carry out all cruise-related business under the new name Cruise Port Amsterdam.
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, a subsidiary of Port of Amsterdam, has been responsible for the
handling of ocean cruise in Amsterdam. The handling of river cruise was managed by Port of
Based on the need to operate more efficiently and customer-oriented in the field of river cruise, the
Supervisory Boards of both Port of Amsterdam and Passenger Terminal Amsterdam agreed to
transfer river cruise to Cruise Port Amsterdam (the new company name).
As Commercial Manager Cruise, Monic van der Heyden was responsible for river cruise at Port of
Amsterdam and will move to Cruise Port Amsterdam to maintain continuity for the river cruise
companies: “Amsterdam is a top destination in the Northern Europe sailing area for ocean and river
cruise. By accommodating the handling of both river and ocean cruise in one dedicated company,
opportunities arise for optimizing the service for our shipping companies and their passengers.”
Dick de Graaff, Director Passenger Terminal Amsterdam/Cruise Port Amsterdam: “The merger of the
handling of ocean and river cruise is a logical step. We have the ability to make river cruise a core
business. In addition to efficiency, this also offers opportunities at a strategic level. In the coming
years we will focus on further development of sustainable cruise tourism in Amsterdam. Because
river cruise docks across the city, the name Passenger Terminal Amsterdam no longer covers the
business and therefore we have chosen to operate under our new name Cruise Port Amsterdam for
the handling of ocean and river cruise.”
The name Passenger Terminal Amsterdam will not disappear. The terminal is a multipurpose building
and also functions as venue for corporate events. The event branch of the company will continue to
operate under the current name Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.