Corps Van Vletterlieden v.o.f

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The boatmen of IJmuiden are on alert 24/7. During summer, winter and at all hours of the night. We assist (inland) navigation and fishing ships with mooring, unmooring and moving from one moorage to another, within the harbors and locks of IJmuiden and its vicinity.

Summation of our activities:

  • Mooring and unmooring of floating cranes alongside bulk carriers.
  • Supply of crew aboard ships and towed objects.
  • Provision of light and small material for ships.
  • Transport of people to ships (water taxi).
  • Reading of draught of navigation and inland navigation.
  • Placement of oil screens and such like with calamities.

Essential link
We work closely together with dock workers, tugs and port authorities. This makes us an essential link in the whole field of shipping.

Boatman diploma
All members of the Cooperative Association of Boatmen (C.A.B.), in Dutch: Coöperatieve Vereninging van Vletterlieden (C.V.V.), are in possession of a Boatman diploma, boat license, including ADNR and a certificate of safety. The Boatman diploma is achieved through an education designed by the covering organization of boatmen companies in the Netherlands, the N.B.V. It is an official diploma, recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Safety is our top priority
We have a modern arsenal of work materials at our disposal, such as winch trucks, caddy’s, tractors and motorboats, which are all constantly modernized. This is for reasons of safety, because that is our top priority!

Zuidersluisweg 5
1975 AK IJmuiden

Telephone (24/7): +31 255 – 515 354
Fax: +31 255 – 537 737