Amsterdam city of Diamonds

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Amsterdam City of Diamonds Foundation
The city of Amsterdam and diamonds have been inextricably linked for over 400 years.
The history of Amsterdam Diamond City begins in the 16th century and continues to date.

The Dutch capital still houses a number of diamond-cutting companies and diamond traders with – in some cases – worldwide fame.
GASSAN Diamonds and Royal Coster Diamonds are the two largest diamond polishing companies in Amsterdam.

Every year they receive a total of almost 1 million tourists from home and abroad, all interested in the craft of diamond cutting.
In order to keep Amsterdam as a City of Diamonds on the map worldwide, both companies set up the Amsterdam City of Diamonds Foundation in 2016 for joint promotional purposes.

Please feel welcome to visit GASSAN Diamonds or Royal Coster Diamonds as both companies love to share their knowledge and passion by indulging you in the magical world of diamonds.

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