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Kirsty den Dulk ( Den Helder) on the Work Conference

Citymarkeyting Den Helder was invited for the ACP work congress organized at the 24th of June. A very beautiful, sunny day with a comprehensive program at the unique fortress island Pampus. Again, our compliments for the program, catering and the great closure on board of the MS de Jordaan.    For us it was very valuable to be present at the work congress, because now we have a clear view about the problems of Amsterdam concerning the touring car problems and the reason why they need a solution, but more important for us we learned about what the companies need and what their wishes are regarding the ports.  It gives Den Helder a chance to be more visible as port without the touringcar issues and a port with plenty of possibilities to welcome ships to a maximum of 110 metres (after the renovation of the Koopvaardersschutsluis) and a maximum of 175 metres in the ‘buitenhaven’. Further the work congress was a good moment to make new contacts and appointments with some of the tour operators to talk about the possibilities and places of interest for the future visitors of Den Helder.