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Keukenhof Season review 

The 2018 edition of the Keukenhof experienced another successful season. This year the park had 1.4 million visitors which equalled the record of 2017. The visitors evaluated this year’s flower spectacle with a 9 out of 10. The number of young people visiting the Keukenhof is rising. The average age has come down from 48 to 46. This due to more and more families with children and groups of twenty/thirty something youngsters are coming to visit the park. The weather was more erratic then before. The first weeks it was extremely cold, followed by rain however May brought nicer temperatures. Non the less till the last day the park was colourful and well visited. Visitors came from 100 countries, twenty percent from the Netherlands, followed by Germany, France, China and Great Brittan. Unfortunately no statistics are being gathered about the cruise passengers. Just like other groups they arrive by bus and therefor are not identified as being a specific cruise group. Traffic in the region ran smoothly. Due to the fact that more and more visitors rely on public transport for their visits to the Keukenhof. The Keukenhof express offers transportation from Schiphol, Leiden and Haarlem. The theme for Keukenhof 2019 will be ‘Flower Power’.  The dates for 2019 will be march 21st till May 19th. Visitors Keukenhof: 2018 = 1.400.000 Visitors 2017 = 1.400.000 Visitors 2016 = 1.100.000 Visitors 2015 = 1.175.000 Visitors 2014 = 1.000.000 Visitors 2013 = 850.000 Visitors 2012 = 875.000 Visitors 2011 = 900.000 Visitors 2010 = 800.000 Visitors 2009 = 850.000 Visitors 2008 = 835.000 Visitors