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Invoering dag-toeristen belasting 1-1-2019

Onze partner de  Port of Amsterdam wil u graag via onderstaande brief informeren over de invoering van de toeristen belasting. Dear Sir/Madam,  In connection with our e-mail of 15 October 2018, we wish to inform you that the City Council of Amsterdam adopted the decree Day Tourist Tax 2019 last week. The Day Tourist Tax for cruise passengers will apply to sea cruise and river cruise passengers and will be effective as from 1 January  2019.   The rate for 2019 is set at €8 per passenger per period of 24 hours or a part thereof. This means the tax will be €16 per passenger for ships staying longer than 24 hours and will increase by €8 per passenger for each subsequent period of 24 hours or less. Please note that the tourist tax applies solely to transit passengers and does not apply to cruise passengers who embark or disembark in Amsterdam (turnaround passengers).   The tax will be collected by Port of Amsterdam on behalf of the City of Amsterdam. The tax will be imposed separately from other port dues and charges.   More information is available on our English website as well as on our Dutch website.   Yours sincerely,   Port of Amsterdam On behalf of the City of Amsterdam Tax Division