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Amsterdam River Cruise

The Port of Amsterdam is  amongst the largest river cruise port in western Europe. It has twice been named “Cruise destination of the Year”. In the cruise season of 2018 Amsterdam welcomed arround 3,000 river cruise ship calles. Amsterdam is still the greatest attraction in the Netherlands. The river cruise berths are convenently located close to the historic city centre. The majority of major attractions in the city are located near the port. Amsterdam is the start and end point for the Rhine-Main-Danube canal to Budapest, as well as for the Black Sea cruises.

The port of Amsterdam has many beautiful aspects. Cruise is one of them. For the inhabitants of the city of Amsterdam, the cruise sector is the most visible part of the port. The city is a beloved tourist destination all year round, for new and old visitors alike. With its vast cultural inheritance, it is also a popular destination for cruise liners. Sea cruise vessels from all over the world moor at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA). For the handling of river cruise vessels Port of Amsterdam provides several docks in the port of Amsterdam and region. Both the Passenger Terminal and the river cruise docks are located in the heart of the city centre, next to the central station. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is just around the corner, only 15 minutes away. The cruise facilities and the handling of luggage and passengers at the port of Amsterdam are of very high quality, keeping it in the top cruise destinations of North-West European.

River-cruise berths in Amsterdam:


  • 2 berths ≤ 135m
  • Shore power available


  • 6 berths ≤ 135m
  • Shore power not available

Javakade and Veemkade

  • Veemkade 4 berths ≤ 135m.
  • No shore power available
  • Javakade 2 berths ≤ 110m
  • Shore power available

Ruyterkade Oost

  • 12 berths ≤ 135m
  • Shore power available

Ruyterkade west

  • 7 berths ≤ 110, 2 berths ≤ 135
  • Shore power available


  • 2 berths ≤ 110m
  • Shore power available


In direct vicinity, obey the parking rules.
Supply by trucks or cars is not allowed between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM on Monday through Friday and between 10:00 PM and 9:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday

Harbour information:

Appointments can be made for water, waste and garbage please contact the harbour.

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