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On November 22nd Amsterdam Cruise Port took the initiative to assemble some of our partners and FloriWorld to see what the possibilities are with this new experience and making it accessible for cruise passengers. 
Our partners will make concrete arrangements together to try to make it possible.

Opening May 2020

FloriWorld immerses visitors in an interactive experience highlighting the many ways flowers and plants benefit our lives and improve our health and happiness. FloriWorld flowerizes people.

FloriWorld is a large-scale attraction catering to both international and national visitors alike. Beyond this role as an experience center, it also acts as a base for administrators, students and members of the flower and plant sector to meet, organize and conduct important research in latest innovations happening in the industry. FloriWorld is the beating heart of a sector essential to the Dutch national identity. The close proximity to Schiphol airport and the Dutch flower auction provides a perfect launching pad for visitors from across the Netherlands and abroad to explore this fascinating part of North Holland. This destination encourages further exploration of the region, alleviating the tourism congestion in Amsterdam, while still being close enough to offer easy connections and short travel times from major nearby cities.

Photographer Remco Koenderman

FloriWorld is an attractive mix of wonder and surprise, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the educational and entertaining world of flowers and plants. In FloriWorld, awareness and experience go hand-in-hand. FloriWorld achieve three main goals at once; offering a unique destination full of new experiences, enriching the health and happiness of visitors and changing perspectives of all the time, attention and care that goes into growing flowers and plants. In this way, FloriWorld fulfils the the expectations of visitors who hope for an engaging experience goal and the marketing goals of the sector. Flowerizing people in optima forma.