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Discounts for cleaner sea cruise vessels per January 1st, 2020

To stimulate cleaner ports and sea cruise shipping, Port of Amsterdam will start an incentive program, the Emission at Berth Index (EBI), per January 1st 2020. What does this mean for you if you visit Amsterdam with your sea cruise vessels in 2020?

Discount based on lower emissions
Starting January 1st, 2020, if you report the emissions of your sea cruise vessels berthed in Amsterdam, an Emission at Berth Index will be calculated based on four reported factors. These factors are:

  • Equipment, age of the motor and other reduction techniques
  • Type of fuel used
  • Energy efficiency
  • An ESI score equal or above 25 points

The higher your score is, the more discount you will receive on the port dues. This discount will be on top off the € 500,- you already receive if you report your emissions. It will also be on top off the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) discounts.
The insights gained through the EBI, will be utilised worldwide in an international cruise project of the IAPH.

The frequency discount for sea cruise vessels will be discontinued per January 1st, 2022. This will be replaced by variable port dues for the sea cruise, starting on January 1st, 2022 as well. These variable port dues will be based on the type of motor used, and classified according to different tier certifications. If your sea cruise vessel has a Tier II or Tier III engine, you will receive an additional discount on the port dues, of 20% and 30% respectively. This tier certification will be included as a discount element in our Emission at Berth Index as from 1 January 2020. In 2022, this tier certification will be a fixed part of the harbour dues for sea cruise.

Participation and accumulation Emission at Berth Index
Would you like to know exactly how the discounts of the Emission at Berth Index are calculated? Then please consult the harbour dues tariffs and the associated general terms and conditions (page 45 and 46) and watch the animation below.

For participation in the Emission at Berth Index, the cruise lines involved will receive a separate instruction including the reporting format at the beginning of January 2020. If you have any questions about this, please contact Henri van der Weide, Advisor Division Harbour Master at Port of Amsterdam: henri.van.der.weide@portofamsterdam.comor Alma Prins, Commercial Manager Cruise at Port of Amsterdam: