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Corrected version Health Declaration River cruise

A few weeks ago, a Health Declaration Form was published by ACP and DDCP. Unfortunately, there was an incorrect email address, which generated a problem in forwarding the form to the Health Authorities. The correct version of the Health Declaration Form, to be used throughout the Netherlands, is downloadable from our website and must be sent to  the following email address:

Onboard Health checks

The Health authorities have randomly visited River cruise ships docked in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in order to check the implementation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols. First general conclusion is that most ships comply with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) rules. However, they found that not all ships already made arrangements for transportation and hotel accommodation in case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) complaints onboard. The Destination Management Companies Cruise-Tours BeNeLux B.V. , Amstour Holland  and Intercruises  have signed a deal with hotel chain Corendon to accommodate passengers / crew and with transport companies to arrange transport. Corendon has completely cleared a location for reception for people with Coronavirus (COVID-19) complaints and has made a well-functioning unit for this. The service can be purchased from one of the DMCs and you can use this so that the last link in the Coronavirus (Covid-19) protocol is also covered. For further information, please contact one of the three DMCs.