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Come visit and experience the Golden Age

Westfriesland knows a rich history of the Golden Age. This important period for The Netherlands is still tangible in the city’s of Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. The ambiance of the Golden Age continues in monuments, museums, restaurants, hotels and routes. Travel by tram or boat, walk or cycle the routes and discover Westfriesland.

The Golden Age in Enkhuizen
Enkhuizen is a town you will always want to return to. With its harbours full of life, lovely old centre, many museums and attractions combined with an excellent selection of shops, convivial catering establishments and events. Enkhuizen clearly prospered during the period of the Dutch East India Company. Cast your eye on all those listed buildings that abound in this old port. The Drommedaris, the defence tower in the port, and the centre full of historical buildings are reminders of this affluent time during the Golden Age.

Bottleship Museum
The Bottleship Museum collection comprises more than 1000 specimen from all over the world of which about half is exhibited. Moreover so called ‘thematic expositions’ are held regularly. There is a permanent video presentation about the art of building a ship in a bottle. The volunteers are willing to answer your questions and give background information about the exhibition and the secret of the Sluice House.

Visit the Westfries museum in Hoorn
When you are in Hoorn, you cannot miss the Westfries Museum. The museum is housed in one of Hoorn’s most beautiful monuments right on the city’s central square, de Roode Steen. The museum is bigger than the richly adorned façade makes you assume. You can easily spend two hours there. The Westfries Museum preserves the past to be able to share it with you. The museum tells the story of the most enervating period in the history of the Netherlands, Hoorn and Westfriesland: the Golden Age. With special attention to the VOC.

It is up to you how to experience that story. With the wind in your hair on our VOC-ship De Halve Maen, wearing VR-glasses virtually wandering around through Hoorn in 1650, or wonderfully strolling around through the monumental museum building and the great collection. Go to for more information.

Discover Medemblik with a packagetour!
In 2020 we have some very nice new packagetours available in and around the historical town of Medemblik that you can book in advance. Arrangement ‘Golden Age’
The Golden Age has left its marks in the old city centre of Medemblik and the surrounding villages. The architectural history of the typical Haubargs dates back to the seventeenth century. The arrangement consists of a hospitable reception with coffee and a local treat, followed by a hike to Emmapark. Here you will board an authentic horticulturist’s barge for a tour that will take you to the historic village of Opperdoes. The skipper will tell you all about the surrounding area and the ‘Zeevarende Beurs’ [a type of insurance for skippers] founded in 1635 in the village. After this journey you will be taken on a tour of Radboud Castle. The arrangement will come to an end at a maritime restaurant where snack will be served. The restaurant offers a view of the harbour and 17th century warehouses with their typically Dutch stepped gables.

Go to for more activities and information on the Golden Age in Westfriesland.