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Body Worlds Amsterdam reopened including InBody Scan During the latest coronavirus closure, Body Worlds Amsterdam optimized its corona measures in order to reopen not only the attraction itself but also it’s InBody Scan feature. At BODY WORLDS Amsterdam you go on a fascinating and unique journey through the human body. With 200 real plastinated bodies […]

Corrected version Health Declaration River cruise

Haven Amsterdam © Merijn Roubroeks-2

A few weeks ago, a Health Declaration Form was published by ACP and DDCP. Unfortunately, there was an incorrect email address, which generated a problem in forwarding the form to the Health Authorities. The correct version of the Health Declaration Form, to be used throughout the Netherlands, is downloadable from our website and must be […]

Health declaration cruise sector

Haven Amsterdam © Merijn Roubroeks-2

Now that the river cruise sector has also started up again, it is due to Covid-19 requires measures to submit a health statement to the RIVM. To make this easier, the Cruiseports ACP and DDCP have developed a simple form that can be used for this. A nice addition to the recently launched app PORT […]

Additional framework cruise ships

Bovenaanzicht zeecruise schip

An “additional framework cruise ships” (“aanvullend kader cruiseschepen”) is developed by the Dutch health authorities RIVM and GGD. This additional framework applies to both river cruise and sea cruise shipping. It’s a further elaboration of the IG RiverCruise/ EBU outbreak prevention document and outbreak management document.  As of today, river cruise ships will be required to […]

PORT SEE web app

Real time status update

News item  27-07-2020 River cruise ports in the South and West of the Netherlands, Port of Amsterdam and MUST SEE are launching the app PORT SEE for up-to-date insight into the accessibility of ports for river cruise ships. The corona crisis has literally stopped many cruise ships. Fortunately, the business is slowly recovering, but the […]

Press release – Corona connects cruise ports

PRESS RELEASE Friday, June 19, 2020 CORONA CONNECTS CRUISEPORTS The corona crisis has hit the river cruise sector hard. The river cruise industry connects many sectors, such as airports, DMCs, guides, coaches, tour boats, hotels, museums and other attractions. In both the Amsterdam and Rotterdam regions, many companies earn their living from this fast-growing sector. […]