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Amsterdam City of Diamonds

The city of Amsterdam and diamonds have been inextricably linked for more than 400 years. The history of Amsterdam as Diamond City begins in the 16th century and continues to date. The Dutch capital still houses a number of diamond traders and diamond polishing factories of which GASSAN Diamonds and Royal Coster Diamonds are the most trusted names. Every year they receive a total of almost 1 million tourists from home and abroad, all interested in the craft of diamond polishing. GASSAN Diamonds is located in a formerly steam-driven diamond factory. In this historic, monumental building, you’ll learn how 400 years of craftsmanship and tradition have perfected the art of diamond polishing. At the end of the visit, GASSAN Diamonds gives you the opportunity to admire their patented  GASSAN 121 cut, in-house Rolex Boutique along with an extensive collection of jewelry and watches.    At the Museum Square, you can visit Royal Coster Diamonds for a free guided tour any day of the week in your own language. Or you can book one of our workshops such as the Royal Experience and walk in the legendary footsteps of our other famous visitors, such as Empress Sisi, King Rama V or Prince Napoleon and see the patented Royal 201 diamond cut.