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Additional framework cruise ships

An “additional framework cruise ships” (“aanvullend kader cruiseschepen”) is developed by the Dutch health authorities RIVM and GGD. This additional framework applies to both river cruise and sea cruise shipping. It’s a further elaboration of the IG RiverCruise/ EBU outbreak prevention document and outbreak management document. 
As of today, river cruise ships will be required to issue a health declaration (“Maritime Declaration of Health”) before arriving in the Netherlands. Based on this declaration, the relevant regional health authority (GGD) will then assess any necessary measures and provide feedback to the port authorities and, if applicable, the ship’s captain. 
Furthermore, the additional framework places the responsibility for the practical execution of everything related to transport and accommodation ashore of suspected and confirmed cases in the hands of the “shipping company”. This must be organized in advance, e.g. through agreements with designated hotels, taxi companies, etc. In the practice of river cruise shipping, however, the tour operator / DMC is usually responsible for this.
you will find the original Dutch version of the “Aanvullend kader cruiseschepen” as well as the German and French translation. An English translation is expected shortly.